Dreams and disillusions
feed the heart of this city

Ragers City first drop is a hand-drawn and fully-animated 3,333 NFTs collection featuring more than 200 traits spread over the 5 main characters of our official manga.

Each Rager is a unique & random combination of several traits, drawing from that 200 traits pool.
The more animated, the more powerful and the rarer your Rager is!


The story
of life

In this journey to Ragers City, through the eyes of 5 characters you will discover the 3333 situations in which they have evolved. Their joy, their sorrow, their anger as well as the challenges they will have to go through during this adventure.

Dreams never die

A dream comes to us like a flash and never leaves our memory. We can bury it in the depths of our being, but it catches up with us as we draw our last breath.
The reality is that a man without a dream is a man already dead.

Ragers City wishes to open the way to the harsh reality of hopes and what we must face to make them come true. The rage inside you is waiting to come out and burn like a scream in the night.

Let’s rage. Together.


This city is dying of rage. Can I do nothing better than bring pain and disillusionment along my way?

X, France, 2022

« My only freedom is to dream, so I dream of freedom. »

T, Coluche, France , 1993

Secure the most rare

Although no two animations will ever be the same, some are more uncommon than others. Watch out for animated layers and accessories – the more animated layers, the rarer your character will be.


Join the
Ragers city !